Kangaroo DLX

A package for those who want to get the most out of your Kangaroo workbench.
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  • 1st Kangaroo MFT Workbench
  • 1st Miter Slab
  • 1st boom hose / hose boom
  • 1st 4pack Accessories (Coffee, Saw, Color, Multi-Purpose)
  • 1st Xtools gadgets gadget box
  • 1st Orange Sys IV T Loc

Package price €695
Freight EU 80€

Kangaroo Delux Ett paket för dig som vill få ut allt av din Kangaroo arbetsbänk. 1st Kangaroo MFT-arbetsbänk  1st Miter-Slab  1st Boom sladd/slangbom   1st 4pack tillbehör med Kaffehållare, Multihållare Sänksågshållare, Färgburkshållare,    1st Xtools gadgets pryl-låda  1st Orange Sys IV T Loc