MFT-workbench BÄNKE

Manufactured in Sweden. Place the bench on the pop-up table Centipede 60 x 120 and you get a really good portable workbench. The front has two excerpts that fit Tanos Systainer strl I or II. Bench is similar to Donkey built as two floors. The top plate has the classic 20.2 mm hole hollow system in a perfect square pattern. The floor below is perfect to put tools and gadgets so they are close to hand. When transporting, fold the Centipede table together and place it in Bänke. Around the bench there is the possibility to mount our nice accessories such as the Sink saw holder or Coffee holder.

  • Size of the work surface 70 x 130 cm
  • Height of Centipede 90 cm
  • Height without centipede 25 cm
  • Weight 18 kg


  • Birchplywood (9 och 18 mm)

Made in Sweden

10 - 14 days

Price: € 495 incl VAT 25%