Our popular workbench Rocko, Made in 16mm thick moisture-proof Mdf disc. With the classic hole rail system with holes in a perfect square pattern cc 96mm.

On the sides there are clocks where you can clamp the vacuum hose or cord to avoid placing them on the floor. The best thing about Rocko is that we have got 8 holes on the width, which means that you can sleep together with your lowering saw and bench rails to cut beautiful, secure 90-degree cuts up to 65 cm wide. Is good for cutting deep shelves, friezes in the kitchen or maybe t, o, m a countertop.


  • 1st ROCKO MFT Disc Black MDF 16mm
  • 1st Centipede 60 * 120
  • 1st Miter Slab (Obs Bench Dogs Not Included)
Våran populära arbetsbänk Rocko, Tillverkad i 16 mm tjock fukttrög Mdf-skiva. Med det klassiska hålradsystemet med hål i ett perfekt rutmönster cc 96mm. Tillsammans med Pop-up bordet Centipede 60*120 får du snabbt en bra arbetsstation för kapning eller annat arbete. Detta paket innehåller följande.  1st ROCKO MFT-skiva Svart MDF 16mm 1st Centipede 60*120 1st Miter-Slab (obs Bench-dogs ingår ej)


  • Black MDF 16mm
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